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China Farm Machine manufacturers

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New design chaff cutter machine is very easy to operate, it mainly used to corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw all kinds of crop straw and pasture. These processed materials suitable for breeding cattle and sheep deer horse etc, this machine can also process cotton stalk, branches, bark, and so on, used for straw generation ethanol, paper-making and artificial board etc.
●Cutting height adjustment.The lowest cut stubble. Much more practical for harvesting.
●Strong in power and grade ability, it can pass the ridges conveniently and flexibly.
●Convenient in operating, it may be operated by both male and female easily.
●Small in size, widen wheels easy in travel control, flexible in turning.
●Simple in disassembling and convenient for maintenance.
●With high adaptability , it can be operated in both dry fields and paddy fields, and is suitable for harvesting in the large fields in plain areas and in the small fields in hill areas.
●Long service life base on durable main structure and good quality components.
Crushed materials are suitable for breeding cattle and sheep deer horse etc.
Suitable for individual plants: rice, paddy, wheat, soybean, forage grass, rape, pepper, reed, corn, sorghum, stevia rebaudiana, chilli, sesame, millet etc.
Widely used to various fields: plains, hills,mountains, slopes, narrow fields etc.
Technical Parameter
Model Output(T/H) Motor (kw) Cut size Machine Size
AK-1 1.5 3 11-54mm 1000*850*1150mm
AK-3 2-3 4 11-54mm 1230*1150*1695mm
AK-5 4-5 5.5 17-22mm 1737*1575*2315mm
AK-8 6-8 7.5 12-35mm 2147*1600*2756mm
AK-9 9-12 15 12-35mm 2620*2140*4110mm
AK-15 13-15 18.5 12-35mm 2630*2230*4120mm
The chaff cutter can cut and further process the green (dry) corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, other crop straw and forage crops. The processing feed uses for breed cattle, sheep, deer, horses, etc., can also be processed cotton stalk, branches, bark, used for straw power generation, ethanol and paper, plywood and other industries.
Working Principle
The chaff cutter takes the motor as the power. The power is transmitted to the spindle, the other end of the spindle by the gear box and cardan joint transfers to the Press roller, when the grass ,hay or other feeding materials processed into the upper and lower Press roller, and at a certain speed drive the feeding materials into the cutting mechanism, and then finished feeding materials pieces are drived out .
Buying Guide
If you a question to choose the model ,pls tell us your requirement on the chaff cutter .
1.Your require kg/h ?
2.Power required ,Motor, Diesel engine, PTO driven ?
3.Other requirement on the machine  ?
4.Purchase Quantity set ?
Enable us check and give you an best offer accordingly
If products’ quality don’t accord to description as we give or the promise before you place order,we promise 100% refund.
●How is the quality of your products?
Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard,and we take a test on every grinder before delivered out. If you want see our quality certifications and all kinds of testing report, please just ask us for it.
●Which payment do you accept?
We accept T/T, West union, Paypal, Credit card ,Trade Assurance etc.
●How about the delivery time?
Normally, our delivery time is 20-30 working days after we receive the deposit. If the automatic bagging and pelletizing line, we need to extend the delivery time.
We ensure Three year warranty, life-long service, and provide long-term parts and repair service.
How can I get know more of your company?
Please visit our website:
●Pls provide us the following information for the best price:
1) Quantity what you want
2) What kind of raw material ?
3) Capacity kg/h
4) Power required Motor, diesel engine, PTO drive,?
5) Whether need packing machine or not ?
●Welcome to visit our factory!
We will provide you our best equipments at the reasonable price to meet your requirements. China Farm Machine manufacturers
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