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Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine

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The Precision Laser Cutting Machine is one kind of laser cutting machine developed specifically for cutting ultra-high precision products.Such as the aerospace products. With high precision and stable cutting effect, often used in micro-scale ultra-high precision sheet cutting.
IPG Laser Power100W/200W100W/200W
Beam qualityM虏<1.1
Clamping dimension650mm*720mm650mm*720mm
SpeedAbout 15000mm/s
Machine size1640mm*1380mm*1500mm1900mm*1380mm*1500mm
WeightAbout 2500Kg
Positioning accuracy卤2渭
Repeated positioning accuracy卤2渭
Supply voltage220V
Power consumption<2KW
Scale brandRENISHAW
Operating softwareSmartCut
Motion control systemPMAC
Auxiliary cutting gasOxygen, Nitrogen
Cutting fileLMD銆丆NC
Precision Laser Cutting Machine is an ultra-high precision laser cutting machine.
Besides to the application of linear motor technology, it also undergoes special weight-reduction treatment to ensure the ultra-high speed advantage. Latech's self-developed control software Smartcut also adds corresponding The optimization function greatly improves the cutting speed of the machine.It also guarantees the micron-level accuracy of the machine.
At the same time, the Precision Laser Cutting Machine uses the world's most advanced IPG fiber lasers with the advantages of maintenance-free and good cutting quality. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of cutting, the speed of the machine is brought to the extreme. Based on its ultra-high precision and high speed, this machine is often used in the cutting of precision steel sheets, suitable for stainless steel, iron and nickel. Various products such as titanium alloy and aluminum alloy ensure the customer's adaptability to the market.
For this ultra-high precision laser cutting machine our team has nearly 15 years of experience in laser-related processing and can provide customers with free solutions to laser cutting applications.
SAMPLEStainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine
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